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7 Mazes Release “Stay Together” A Powerful Message About Uniting For The Greater Good!

7 Mazes has a new album coming out on May 24th titled “Revelations”. You can’t pre-order it yet but you can watch for it on the bands website here. The new single Stay Together is a song that is fighting against the politicians and media that try t divide us instead of uniting us. I think their verse states it better than I can;

“Be wild and be free, everywhere you can see, all these words right in front of your eyes, But we all are accepting, we all have been feeded with lies, So open your mind, deep within you will find, all the dreams you have once locked away, instead of fit with the grid, you have to release them today, The news are fullfilled, with people being killed, they’re printing all our enemies, They’re making us sick and even they hide remedies, The only true way, to get out of this day, of corruption, of lies and of hate, is just to unite, here and now tonight and break”

If you’re looking for a protest song that you can rally behind this is the one. The music helps deliver the point of the song. It punctuates where it needs to and delivers the mood of the verse, angry and excitement in uniting. Can’t get much better than that. The video has the band performing the song and also conveying the feeling and message of it all. This is well done and will be a great song live. I can see the fans really joining in on this at a show. Check it out below.

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