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7 Mazes Releases “My Shadows”. A Must Listen!

7 Mazes has released a stand alone single “My Shadows”. It’s available on all the usual outlets and streaming services. The word is that there will be an album out later in 2020. The band never ceases to amaze me, this one doesn’t disappoint. From the beginning to the end this song does it all. It builds up and really starts to take you on a ride and just as you think it couldn’t get any better it changes up and slows down and Max Roxton’s vocals come in surprises you how tender it is and the music behind his singing gives his words depth. The whole band shines on this but Stef Rockfall really keeps you interested and his guitar solo makes you feel the emotion of the song. But you need to pay attention to the rhythm section of Bo Jahson on bass and Val Pine on drums. I think they are the heroes of the song, they drive it and make the song have so much more impact. I’m in love with this song. I would define it as one that plays on all your musical senses, which makes it eargasmic. Together they make this a must listen. I can’t see how you will be disappointed with this, the only way I can think of is that you don’t already have it. Check it out below.

#7Mazes #MyShadows

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