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This is a very slow music news week, thought I would just mention it. That’s all!

Green Day has announced the rescheduled dates for their North American tour: You can find them here:

Saxon will release their new record “Sacrifice” on February 26th.

Matt Sorum (Guns and Roses drummer), is making a solo album, he will not be playing drums on it, he will be playing acoustic guitar and singing on it. Obviously it won’t be a rock record, just my thoughts.

Here’s something you may be interested in: Hair I Go Again, the documentary, is still filming and seems like an interesting concept. Anyway it will be much better than Rock Of Ages! You can find out more here:

For those of you who have just had a baby or plan and want to have them rock out, then you will be interested in the fact that Rush will be releasing “Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions Of Rush.” It will be released on January 29th. Previous releases include AC/DC and Black Sabbath, etc. You can find out more here:

Clutch will be releasing their new record, Earth Rocker, in March.

Last week’s Rockucation question was: Can you name the band, the song and the album from the following lyric: I live my life like there’s no tomorrow, and all I’ve got I had to steal, least I don’t need to beg or borrow, Yes I’m living at a pace that kills. It’s a classic and should be easy enough to recognize. Deb Epstein of Warwick, RI brought the answer to you, which is: The Band: Van Halen, The Song: Running With The Devil, The Album: Van Halen.

Tom Keifer of Cinderella is doing a solo tour in February. I would give you the links to his tour dates but when you go to his site it says go to his Facebook page and that says watch for the announcement of dates. I know they are already published and you can do your own search if interested. Just don’t know why they make these things difficult or don’t take advantage of the tools they have, right?

Rob Caggiano has left Anthrax to pursue his other passion, producing artists. No news on a replacement. He was with Anthrax for about 12 years.

If you live in Cincinnati and like the ballet, Peter Frampton is writing new music for the Cincinnati Ballet to come out some time in April.

Did I mention it was a slow news week?

Brian Tichy quit Whitesnake to pursue his other band S.U.N. (Something Unto Nothing) with Sass Jordan.

David Grohl’s Sound City Reel To Reel movie will make its debut on January 18th at Park City, Utah . You can find details about it and who the musical guests are and anything else you need to know about the film here: If you plan to attend, you might be able to catch Dave Grohl have a jam!

This week’s Rockucation question is: What guitarist came up with the opening riff for Derek And The Dominoes Layla?

Eddie Vedder states the new Pearl Jam record is almost halfway done. But he is busy touring the east coast and Jeff Arment is busy touring with his band on the west coast. But sooner or later they will get together and finish it.

The Scorpions are backing off their retirement announcement. They seem to have found new life after their last tour. They will be releasing a new record soon and plan on touring. With the exception of bands hitting their 50th anniversary tours like the Stones, most band who announce farewell tours, etc, don’t usually keep that promise. The list is long and even has some repeat offenders but unless you are up their in age, don’t count on it happening.

Don’t expect Scott Weiland to be fronting Velvet Revolver anytime soon, no matter what he says. In a recent interview, Slash said even if he wasn’t doing a solo thing, he wouldn’t work with him ever again. The search for the new singer continues.

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