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AC/DC Releases A Soon To Be Classic “Demon Fire”!

AC/DC has released another single from their recently released album “Power Up”. You can order yourself a copy here. Demon Fire is their latest single. This is another in your face straight ahead rock n’ roll tune. I love the way Brian Johnson’s vocals go over Phil Rudd hi-hat, that is really eargasmic. In true AC/DC fashion the rest of the band comes in. I just love the whole feel and vibe of the riffs. The song has a real grit to it that takes it up a notch. I love these two lines from the song;

“Yeah, born of no family, born of no creed Yeah, raised by a jackal, raised a bad seed”

The kind of description that you know he’s a bad ass. Pure rock poetry right there. I really can’t find anything negative to say about this. The more i play it them ore I like it.The video is done in a animated format with the “Power Up” color scheme We have a rogue car driver who literally take us on a ride to the highway to hell. I can actually see the band doing something special with this one live. My imagination is running wild with this. But I digress, the video is done well and tells a story, so much so that it will be continued. Check it out below.

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