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AC/DC Releases New Single “Realize”!

AC/DC has released another single from their recently released album “Power Up”. You can get a copy of it here. Realize is the latest from the band and it stays in the comfort zone for any of their fans. I am pleased that they put out new music and keeping the fans interested. This one sounds like For Those About To Rock and The Who’s I Can’t Explain had a baby. I guess I’m saying there isn’t anything new here, but definitely consistent to what they do.

The video actually takes the song up a notch as you get to see them performing. I love the fact that they did it in back and white, it kind of gives you the stripped down feel. It also shows how much energy they, as aging rockers that says a lot. I think you’ll like the video. Check it all out below.

#ACDC #PowerUp #Realize

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