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AC/DC Releases New Single “Through The Mists Of Time”!

AC/DC has released a new single from their current album “Power Up”. You can get a copy here. Through The Mists Of Time is the latest song from the record. This one is probably the closest the band gets to a ballad on the album. The music fits the tone of the lyrics, which is a reflective look at a person getting old and looking back. The song isn’t going to blow you away but it doesn’t mean it’s bad, just want not what you would expect from them. The real winner here is the video. You get 3D art mixed in with the band performance and pictures. You go through a museum which shows famous women paintings that eventually show photos of the band’s current lineup, along with Malcom Young and Bon Scott. Check it out below.

#ACDC #PowerUp #ThroughTheMistsOfTime

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