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Ace Frehley Releases New Single “Bronx Boy”, A Song About His Youth!

Ace Frehley has released a new single today called “Bronx Boy”. Today is Frehley’s birthday and instead of him receiving a gift he gave us one. But we can make his day by purchasing it at all the usual outlets. Frehley has a yet to be named album coming out this Summer. The song is classic Ace, I think it’s one of his better tracks. Obviously, it’s all about the guitar with Ace. The guitar work and solo are some of his best work as of late. He is delivering a better than expected single. The autobiographical lyrics are just the icing on the cake. Check out the lyrics to this verse.

Bronx Boy Just Trying To Exist I Never Played With Toys Don’t Give Me Bullshit

Now that’s a New Yorker with attitude and telling you how life was on the streets. This is Frehley at his best. I can’t wait for the record and tour. Check it out below.

#AceFrehley #BronxBoy

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