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Ace Frehley Releases “Rockin’ With The Boys”!

Ace Frehley (Kiss), has released his latest single for his soon to be released album “Spaceman”, out on October 19th. Rockin’ With The Boys is classic Ace. The song is a rocker and sounds like hanging with Gene Simmons (Kiss) in between records helped him get one track. Simmons also co wrote a couple of songs and plays on the record. If you pay attention to the lyrics in this one, you can compare this to another KISS classic by the name of Beth. Same type of story line, except this one rocks as opposed to a ballad. It’s a catchy tune and Frehley’s solo does stand out and well done. Sounds Like Ace is back and I told you so. Check it out below.

#AceFrehley #RockinWithTheBoys #Spaceman

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