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Adapter Adapter Releases New Single “The Future”!

Adapter Adapter has released a new album titled “The Future”. It’s out digitally now, you can listen to it on their Bandcamp page here. They will be doing an official hard copy later in February. You can get those details on their Facebook page here Thesingle is the title track, The Future. It  has a bit of a rock-ability vibe to it with retro sounding power chords, now that’s a refreshing sound. But the high point to me is the harmonica. It’s used well and sounds fantastic. You can never have enough harmonic in my view it makes every song better.  In this case it steals the show. All together the song brings together a solid rocking number. If you didn’t know this was a two piece band (Nick Ryder– vocals/guitar and Alyson Hammond– Drums), you wouldn’t be the first. The track sounds like a full band playing which makes it even more unique and dare I say better. The song is a grower, it really is and if you’re like me you play it back several times because it’s that good of a tune. Check it out on the Bandcamp page.

#AdapterAdapter #TheFuture

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