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AdapterAdapter Release Two Songs “Give Up The Ghost//Hex-X-X”!

AdapterAdapter has released two new songs Give Up The Ghost and Hex-X-X. First up is Give Up The Ghost. Nick Ryder’s guitar lick is heavy and dark, yet melodic. Alyson Hammonds drums is what drives the song and helps make Ryder’s vocals stand out. This song will either have your head bobbing or your fist pumping, possibly both at the same time.

Hex-X-X is much faster paced and has a Blues flare. I love how the guitar melts into the drums seamlessly. Ryder’s harmonica playing is superb and really takes this song to the next level. I can’t see how anyone who listens to Blues rock music could be disappointed with the two songs. There are many duos out there, but I don’t think they deliver the way this pair of musicians do. You can listen to both songs here.

#AdapterAdapter #GiveUpTheGhostHexXX

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