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Aerosmith Issues Unreleased Version Of “Movie’ Out” From 1971!

Aerosmith will be releasing on November 26th (Record Store Day) a new album “1971: The Road Starts Hear”. You can’t pre-order it because it’s just for that day in limited quantities (10,000 Vinyl, 2000 Cassettes). If you wanted to know what it was to be like to be with the band in the very beginning, well this is your opportunity to get this. Thank Joe Perry for recording this rehearsal. You can’t get any more raw than this and to hear this song in its infancy is better than anything you can imagine. It took 50 years to get it, but man is it worth it. This is just a great piece of the band’s music history. Can’t wait to hear the record. Now only if we could get footage from that time rehearsing. Check it out below.

#1971TheRoadStartsHear #Aerosmith #MovinOut

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