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Aerosmith – Music From Another Dimension



Music From Another Dimension!

Track List                                                                                      Band Members

  1. 1- Luv XXX                                                                                 Steven Tyler- Vocals

  2. 2- Oh Yeah                                                                                    Joe Perry- Guitar

  3. 3- Beautiful                                                                              Tom Hamilton- Bass

  4. 4- Tell Me                                                                                 Brad Whitford- Guitar

  5. 5- Out Go The Lights                                                                 Joey Kramer- Drums

  6. 6- Legendary Child

  7. 7- What Could Have Been Love                                           Producers By:

  8. 8- Street Jesus                                                              Jack Douglas, Steven Tyler,

  9. 9- Can’t Stop Lovin’ You (w/Carrie Underwood)        Joe Perry and Marti Frederikson

  10. 10- Lover A lot

  11. 11- We All Fall Down                                                               Official Site:

  12. 12: Freedom Fighter                                          

  13. 13- Closer

  14. 14- Something                                                                                Label:

  15. 15- Another Last Goodbye                                                          Columbia

I had high expectations for this record when I heard that Jack Douglas was producing it and that the band was going back to their roots and working all together in the studio like they used to do. I even got excited hearing Legendary Child on American Idol, thinking then that it sounds like Aerosmith should and that it rocked. With the opening track, Luv XXX, I still felt that they finally got it right. Their last studio album was Just Push Play in 2001, so I was anxious for some new material.

As much as I thought this was going to be a rejuvenated effort by the band to make a great record and try to show the public that they had no inner demons resurfacing and everything was all right within the band, they fell short in my opinion. They brought in outside writers like Diane Warren and Desmond Child, hence there are four ballads too many on this record.  One of which is a duet with Country star Carrie Underwood and American Idol alumni on Can’t Stop Loving You, which doesn’t belong on any Aerosmith album. Seriously, is this Tyler’s solo effort or Aerosmith trying to widen their audience? I can’t see why this is on here.

I think that Steven Tyler was influenced by his presence in Hollywood during the AI stint. Besides the band, you have guest appearances by Johnny Depp, Julian Lennon and Desmond Child.  The album doesn’t flow very well and is kind of all over the place. The highlights on the record that to me actually make you think it’s Aerosmith, besides Luv XXX and Legendary Child are: Oh Yeah (Very Stones sounding), Out Go The Lights, Street Jesus (my favorite), the pair from Perry, Freedom Fighter and Something. The album is just too long. They should have made it 9 or 10 songs and it would have stood the test of time. But like I said, it has no continuity and tried to appeal to a wider audience and not their core. I guess you would want to evolve your music etc. But this record disappoints on most levels.

It hurts me to be so hard on Aerosmith for this release. The songs I listed that I thought are the best are solid Aerosmith numbers but get diluted with all the rest of the stuff that’s on it.  The guitar work of Perry and Whitford and the bass playing of Hamilton are the highlights of the album. Tyler still holds the wit and lyrical content he always has but I think he pushed the band to go over the top and it missed its mark. I have to admit that it pained me to write such a negative review and unfortunately based on sales I think it substantiates it. The band is definitely better than this.

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