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Aether X Has Released Their Debut EP “Wyvern”!

Aether X


Track List                                                               Band

1- Darkness                                                                                               James Brady – Guitars, Vocals 2- What Dreams Remain                                                                               Jeff Smith – Drums, percussion 3- Don’t Say Forever                                                                                      Kevin Wall- Bass

   Official Site:                                                                                      Produced By                                      Alan Sanderson, James Brady And Jeff Smith

Never did 3 songs bring so much to the table. The first song, Darkness, is killer. The opening vocal just takes you in. The opening words. “In the Darkness, The strong will survive”, kind of defines the track. No matter what your up against, how dark it is, rise up! A fantastic message for people to heed to day. The music just puts you in a mood to know that this is a serious topic and they don’t mess around. James Brady’s guitar solo just takes the song to another level. A nice effect is when you think the song is finished, you find out it’s not. Now that was a well out highlight of the song. This one should be a single and played everywhere.

The second track, What Dreams Remain takes on a slightly softer approach yet maintains its heaviness. The song is reminiscent of Alice In Chains and Soundgarden in some way. The vocals and the music. It fits that darkside of Grunge in style. But I love the way Jeff Smith’s drums kind of take you on a journey through the song, being very gentle in the beginning to a hard driving rhythm right to the end. It shows you how sometimes the drummer can take command of a song and bring it to a place that was unexpected.

Finally, the third track and EP ender, Don’t Say Forever. This one starts off with Smith’s drums and Kevin Wall’s bass. The guitar is more of a compliment to them until Brady’s solo, which is eargasmic. This is my favorite of the three songs. I just see this band jamming on stage with this number as long as they want. It highlights all three members and is just a great rock song. I have to admit the line in the song “Halos on fire”, conjures up some pretty cool images, just what you expect from a rock tune playing to the darker side of life.

I love the cover art which was designed by the band’s drummer Jeff Smith. Smith did as a tribute to his father, who had just passed as the band was starting to record the EP. His father’s first name was Wyvern, which also means  dragon,  hence the name and cover art for the tribute.

In closing, I think this band has the whole package. If you listen, they obviously have the talent musically. In three songs, they give you a fast paced rocker, a slower heavier tune, and a one that combines the two. They pretty much give you the rock gambit. Lyrically, they have what it takes, enhancing the songs without being preachy is always a good things. The band and co-producer Alan Sanderson know what they are doing. The biggest disappointment here is that it’s only three songs. Otherwise, you will play this one over and over again because, well because it just rocks. They are making grunge cool again. On a side note, Michael Alarid is the band’s current bass player. The album comes out September 1st.

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