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Afterimage Release Melancholic New Single “Toe”!

Afterimage has released a new single Toe. This is another brilliant track from this four piece. This moody song pulls you in and keeps your attention. It has it’s softer elements, but it has its grungier side as well I like the combination of it all. Like most of their songs it takes you on musical journey.

Pay attention the guitar work, Brandon Curico’s out does himself on this one. The rhythm section of Casey Daron (Bass) and Andy LeCuyer (Drums) are the underlying heroes of the song. I mean they way they change the tempo and build up to the heaviness and bring it back down again is really something to take notice of. As always singer Griffin Romprey delivers the words in such a way you feel every one of the, I also think at the end of the single where you hear just his voice is really a nice way to end it. The video is work on itself that is very worthy of your time. Romprey is impressive as he literally performs the words of the song in a way that is captivating. You will appreciate what I mean when you watch it. Check it out below.

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