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Afterimage Releases Killer New Single “Blood Moon”!

Afterimage has released a new stand alone single Blood Moon. There are so many great things about this song it’s hard to know where to begin. Quick overview is this song is a must listen and a keeper. Truly worthy of your time to check out. Casey Daron’s bass lines and playing sets the tone for the song. Something you don’t hear often where the bass playing is spotlighted like they did here. Daron’s playing combined with Andy LeCuyer’s drumming is quite the pairing. Together they build up the song until the rest of the band joins in.

Griffin Romprey makes you feel his anger and pain. He does that convincingly. At this point you are thinking the single couldn’t get any better that they are firing on all cylinders then ……….Brandon Curcio goes into guitar soloing mode and just like Holy Shit! Wow! Amazing! OK, I’ll stop there, you will appreciate what I am saying when you listen to it. This is a must on any playlist if you call yourself a rock fan. By the end of the song if you’re not bobbing your head and jamming to it there is something wrong with your ears. The video delivers the story about discovering you are being taking advantage of, along with the band make cameos in the story and performing it as well. Check it out below.

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