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Aldo Nova Releases New Single “Hey Ladi Dadi”!

Aldo Nova has a new album coming out sometime this year titled “Rock Opera: The Life And Times Of Eddie Gage”. No pre-orders yet. Hey Ladi Dadi is about one of the characters in the rock opera. The record company president named Andy Christos. He gets Eddie to sign a contract that he shouldn’t have. You can read the commentary and the lyrics below the video to get the details. The sing clocks in a 5:26, so you’ll be listening for awhile. But Nova’s guitar solo is way worth it. It’s mind blowing so I suggest you at least give it a listen through just to hear it. The song builds and gets better and the solo just takes it to another level. I’m curious to see what this whole record will sound like when it comes out. I think this is a good first single for a rock opera. No video yet either, just a stream of the song. Check it out below.

#AldoNova #HeyLadiDadi #RockOperaTheLifeAndTimesOfEddieGage

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