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Alestorm Defines Pirate Metal!

Alestorm. I had never heard of them before. I am always surprised by how these bands exist and I never knew they did. Anyway, that’s my problem. Back to Alestorm, I love this track. I see this as a great fan participation song at shows. The band is from Scotland and evidently, have been deemed as Pirate Metal. The band seems to go to great lengths to define their Pirate Metal roots. Seems fitting after you have checked them out and their new song based on the band’s name, Alestorm. The song celebrates pirates and drinking like they do. You can learn more about them here. You can also catch them live on Vans Warped Tour. They have a new album coming out on May 26th, called “No Grave But The Sea”. The video will probably do a better job than I could about what kind of band they are. It’s done well. Check it out below. Once you do, I know you’ll be a fan, like me.

#Alestorm #NoGraveButTheSea

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