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Alestorm Releases A Soon To Be Classsic “Tortura” Featuring Captain Yarrface!

Alestorm has a new album coming out May 29th titled “Curse of the Crystal Coconut”. You can pre-order it here. Their latest single from it is Tortuga that features Captain Yarrface (Rumahoy). I always enjoy the bands praise lifestyle and tongue in cheek songs of the sea. This one is no exception and I love the way they tell the tale. Musically, the song has a great riffs and vocals. Christopher Bowes delivers the song proper and near the end he does some yells that are fantastic. Captain Yarrface does a great cameo with the rap he brings to the song. I have to admit I do have one thing bad to say is I’m not a fan of Elliot Vernon’s keyboards, I actually find them annoying on this track. Overall though it’s a fine tune. The video is awesome and tells the story f the song as Bowes spins the story. I’ll leave it at that so you can enjoy and well done. Check it out below.

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