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Alice Cooper Releases Autobiographical New Single "I'm Alice"!

Alice Cooper will be releasing his 29th album. Wow, 29 records, amazing he's still going strong. "Road" will be released August 25th and you can pre-order it here. The new single is I'm Alice. This one is all about his persona. The lyrics are brilliant throughout this song. When you see verses like this;

"They hang me from the gallows and they chop off my head

But like Lazarus rising, I come back from the dead

The shameless pretenders have come and they've gone

But I stand here before you and the legend lives on"

I love the attitude and angst within these words. Musically it sounds like seventies Cooper. I like the tempo and the drums stand out to me. I think they really make the song pop. All together this is a well done track. I'm looking forward to the record. We get a lyric video that is animated that shows Cooper driving on the road. Check it out below.

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