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Alice Cooper Releases New Single “Our Love Will Change The World”!

Alice Cooper has a new album coming out on February 26th, 2021 titled “Detroit Stories”. You can pre-order it here. Our Love Will Change The World is the second single for the record. This song is very upbeat for a Cooper song. I was taken back by it actually. Regardless I like the song. But as you listen to the lyrics you will find they aren’t so happy as it were. Never doubt him he always comes though. Check out the following lyrics;

“We have very little respect for everything Very little regard for anything We’ve got something against so much And we’re only beginning

Our mind’s a cynical machine now That’ll never run out of steam We’re all pessimistic creeps, or so it seems ‘Cause that’s how we’re living

Our love will change the world”

Don’t you feel better now that you ready them the song wasn’t what you thought it was. Not that there is anything wrong with a happy song. Well done Mr. Cooper, well done. The video is an animated one that paints the darker side of what is an uptempo beat. Check it out below.

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