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Alice Cooper Releases New Single "White Line Frankenstein" Featuring Tom Morello!

Alice Cooper has a new album coming out on August 25th titled "Road". You can pre-order it here. The second single from the forthcoming record is White Line Frankenstein. The song features Tom Morello (Rage against The Machine, Audioslave, etc) on guitar. The song continues in theme of being on the road, hence the title of the record. For the Cooper fans keeping track, this is the third time he uses Frankenstein in a song. Some may think the song is about doing coke, but it's referring to the white lines on the highway, but he does have a one in the song that says;

"Gotta load in my nose, I'm gonna drive, drive, drive"

Cooper uses some cliche type lyrics, but he puts his twist on them. But I'm not sure how you feel about a 75 year old singing the following verse;

"On the road to the show, I'm a gigolo

And all the girls know they can get a ride, oh yeah

'Cause I'm a hell of a man in a one-night stand

They're eatin' out of my hand so satisfied"

All that aside, the song still rocks and of course when you throw in Morello on guitar , you know you are in for. a treat when it comes to the solo. Morello doesn't disappoint. The team up seems to work really well here. The track as a whole is catchy and reminiscent of Cooper's late seventies style of song. The video continues as his first single for this record "I'm Alice". A animated lyric video with him driving on the road. I can honestly say I am looking forward to the new album, You can check out the new single below.

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