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Alice Cooper Releases “Under My Wheels” Live From The Astroturf!

Alice Cooper has put out a new single from his just released “Live From The Astroturf”. You can get a copy here. The show was recorded in 2015 with the remaining original lineup Dennis Dunaway (bass), Neal Smith (drums), Michael Bruce (guitar), and Cooper’s current guitarist Ryan Roxie. Roxie filling in for the now deceased original guitarist Glen Buxton. It’s a show I wish I was at. I am glad it’s captured for us to enjoy. Under My Wheels gives us a taste of what it was like that night. A fan favorite and ultimate classic of the early days. No need to talk about the song. This is all about the lineup and the performance. Fortunately we have video and we get to see it. You still can tell they have chemistry together. I wish it was just the straight ahead performance instead of the animation mixed in. Even though it’s done well, I would have preferred an all live clip. You can check it out below.

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