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Alice In Chains Releases The Official Video For “Never Fade”!

Alice In Chains has released the official video for their latest single Never Fade from their current album “Rainier Fog”. A quick take on the song is that it’s one of my favorites on the album. This one is a faster paced and much more energetic song versus many on the album. I like that it’s unique in the way.   Guitar solo is exceptional as well. I also love the following lyric;

“Never far away away I always see you When it all goes dark you light my way through”

Those two sentences are pretty awesome when you consider that the song is dedicated to Jerry Cantrell grandmother and Chris Cornell.The video is interesting. As you know, I enjoy videos that show the bands performing. You might be a bit confused about the clips you see in between the band playing. It shows clips from a forthcoming movie that is still in production called Black Antenna, directed by Adam Mason. I guess the band is on the sound track. Regardless, you can check it out below.

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