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Allan Clarke Reunites With Graham Nash For One Single “Buddy’s Back”!

Allan Clarke (Hollies) has a new solo album coming out on April 17th, titled “I’ll Never Forget”!. You can pre-order it here. The lead single is Buddy’s Back. On this song Clarke reunites with Graham Nash (Hollies, C,S & N, - C,S,N & Y), making it an instant classic. Just to hear the two of them harmonizing is a feat that no one expected. This is special and I hope they do more work together, because I enjoy The Hollies and would love to see them reunite with the rest of the band and put out a new record. But I am excited that these two actually decided to work together again. I think you will take a ride back to the sixties when you give it a listen. Can I stress that we get to hear the two of them sing those sweet harmonies? Magic is all you need to think Check out the lyric video below.

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