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Alter Bridge Come Back Strong With New Single “Wouldn’t You Rather”!

Alter Bridge has a new album coming out on October 18th titled “Walk The Sky”. You can pre-order it here. Wouldn’t You Rather is the first single from it. From first listen you know the boys are back to top form with this one. Hopefully it’s a sign of the record that is yet to come. The hard driving riff and eve air about it make it damn fine to listen too. It’s nice to see that Myles Kennedy is playing guitar as well as singing on this. This should go over nicely live. The video is the band performing the track and it shows the attitude that they are having with this song and hopefully with the album in general.The lady (Angel?) in red that appears on the album cover is also in the video. I’m sure the rest of their videos will build on that theme. Check it out below.

#AlterBridge #WalkTheSky #WouldntYouRather

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