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Alter Bridge – Fortress

Alter Bridge


       Track List                                                                           Band

  1. 1- Cry Of Achilles                                              Myles Kennedy- Vocals, Guitar

  2. 2- Addicted To Pain                                            Mark Tremonti- Guitar, Vocals

  3. 3- Bleed It Dry                                                     Brian Marshall- Bass

  4. 4- Lover                                                                 Scott Phillips- Drums

  5. 5- The Uninvited

  6. 6- Peace Is Broken                                                       Produced By:

  7. 7- Calm The Fire                                                     Michael “Elvis” Baskette

  8. 8- Waters Rising

  9. 9- Farther Than The Sun                              Official Site: http:

  10. 10- Cry A River

  11. 11- All Ends Well                                                        Label: Roadrunner

  12. 12- Fortress

For Alter Bridge fans this will be beyond expectations and a solid album. Much heavier than the past records. If anyone states that rock is dead, you just need to play this album and you will be in shock, because Alter Bridge is proof that it’s not. Trust me, after one listen you’ll be hooked on this as one of the best albums of the year.  Each of the members have had side projects and have grown and it shows on this album. Especially Mark Tremonti, after doing a solo album and tour. One would say after given this record a good listen that they went from a hard rock act to a metal one.

The opening track, Cry Of Achilles, just grabs you from the first note. By the way, that is Myles Kennedy on guitar opening the song on guitar before Mark Tremonti kicks in. I will make a claim right now that Kennedy and Tremonti are probably one of the best rock/metal guitar duos out there right now. Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips aren’t a bad rhythm section either.  The next track is the single, Addicted To Pain.  A great follow up to the opening track. I love this song, because it actually gives you a taste of what you can expect from the album. I truly love this album and am having difficulty not reviewing every track. But as my course of action, I am letting you discover some on your own. I never want to be an album spoiler.

I have to admit that The Uninvited has grown on my list as one of my top tracks on this record. I love the vocals and the way the song breaks and comes back in. I think it’s a very dark song with lyrics like these:

“For the blood you waste this will fall on you, Now your fate has been decided

  For the life you take this is overdue, You are now the uninvited”

Those are pretty strong words and some might even think some religious overtones but I just think the song says you pay for the life you lead and that rocks. Waters Rising is a perfect track for this record. Tremonti taking lead vocals and Kennedy taking the backup role, what is surprising is that it works. The harmonies are fantastic. When you listen to Farther Than The Sun, you can almost see how this will take a concert crowd into a frenzy, dueling guitars, great riffs and driving energy. I would be disappointed if this wasn’t in their set going forward.

The album ends with the title track Fortress. The song is the longest on the record and is an epic performance by this band. Once again they prove why their music stock is rising. Each album, Alter Bridge continues to break down barriers that fans may have placed them in. They continue to grow and surprise. The band has an arena type following in the international market, but I think this album will be the last time you see Alter Bridge touring in a club setting here in the states.

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