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Alter Bridge Release New Single For “Native Son”, For “Walk The Sky 2.0” EP!

Alter Bridge will be releasing “Walk The Sky 2.0” EP on November 6th. It will feature several live tracks and a new song Last Rites, written during the current lockdown for the pandemic. You can pre-order it here. Native Son is the new single ahead of the record release. If you bought the original record you are familiar with this track. It’s one of the better ones on the album. In sone ways the song is more reliable since Covid 19 happened. You have the lines from the song;

“Now I’m a native son in a foreign land And I’m just living in a world that I cant understand I look around and see that my world is gone Still I keep trying to fit in where I don’t belong”

I think it’s kind of what we all feel like right now. The song itself to me is standard fare for the band as of late. Nothing to blow you away but is still a good tune. The video is an animated one but this tie it’s different from the type they were using for the original album. It makes it interesting to watch. Check it out below.

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