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Alter Bridge Releases A New Killer Track “Take The Crown”!

Alter Bridge has anew album coming out on October 18th titled “Walk The Sky”. You can pre-order it here. Take The Crown is the third song from the forthcoming album. This one takes you by surprise. It starts off like they are doing a ballad and then wham here comes Mark Tremonti with a heavy riff. It’s fantastic. I also the controlled tone of Myles Kennedy is using when he sings this track. Another stand out is their use of harmonies. Very different then what they have done in the past. Scott Phillips (Drums) and Brian Marshall’s (Bass) rhythm section is full and very driven and stand out as the base for the heaviness in the sing. Tremonti’s guitar solo seems to be a different tone and i like the way it works in this song. Overall, this is a kick ass track and my fave of the three released. So looking forward to the new album. You can check out the lyric video below.

#AlterBridge #TakeTheCrown #WalkTheSky

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