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Alter Bridge Releases Fourth Single “In The Deep”!

Alter Bridge has a new album coming out October 18th titled “Walk The Sky”. You can pre-order it here. The band has released their fourth single from it In The Deep. By now you you have a good taste of what the album will sound like. Not often do you get four tracks a head of its release. So far I have been very happy with each single. This one is by far the most commercial but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good, because it is. I’m trying to figure out if this a love ballad or not. At least this is where I’m leaning when I see a verse like this;

“When I fall in the deep With you I see that heaven’s never far Let it wash over me The truth I seek, let it lift my heavy heart”

Overall, the song has catchy hooks and Mark Tremonti’s guitar solo is spot on as is Myles Kennedy’s vocals. The video is in the sea, hence In The Deep. The images of fish with the lyrics placed over it. You can check it out below.

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