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Alter Bridge Releases Killer New Single “Dying Light”!

Alter Bridge has a new album coming out October 18th titled “Walk The Sky”. You can pre-order it here. The latest single from it is Dying Light. I’ll start off by saying this album is going to be amazing based on what Have heard so far. I really like this one as a whole, but not really excited about the riff. Vocals are outstanding, it’s Myles Kennedy, that’s all you have to know. I do like when it’s just his vocals over the guitar, that really stood out to me. The guitar solo is one of Mark Tremonti’s better ones. I like the eerie tone it has. Rhythm section is excellent. But I just don’t like sound of the riff. I think this one can get a lot of airplay. The video is a morphing of the band members and the group in and out. Check it out below.

#AlterBridge #DyingLight #WalkTheSky

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