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Andrew Santagata Featuring Spydah Release A Cover Of “I Go To Sleep”!

Andrew Santagata has released another single featuring Spydah. Santagata continues to do these one off singles but we as fans are hoping for a compilation of them on one album or EP. The new single is I Go To Sleep. The song was originally penned by Ray Davies of The Kinks. They never recorded it but there is a demo of it. The first version of it was back in 1965 by The Applejacks. The song has a long history and the version that Santagata chose to cover is The Pretenders one that they recorded for their 1981 album “Pretenders II”.

If you didn’t know Davies and Chrissie Hynde the lead singer of The Pretenders, were seeing each other and even has a daughter. I mention this so you know the historical connection of it all. Their version was more softer as far as the ballad goes. Santagata made it much heavier. They did a great job making it melodic yet taking it up a notch by giving power to it. The video shows the band performing the song in quarantine fashion with some interesting night time graphics. Check it out below.

#AndrewSantagata #IGoToSleep #Spydah

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