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Andrew Santagata Featuring Spydah Release New Single “Flatline The Kiss”!

Andrew Santagata has released a new single with his partner in crime as of late, Spydah. The new song is Flatline The Kiss. Right out of the gate this is one of my favorite vocals from Santagata. This guy has a great range, but this is one of his finest performances s far as I am concerned. Don’t be fooled by the beginning of the song, you may think it’s going into a power ballad but it builds up into a fine rock tune.

Another interesting point to be made her is that Santagata plays lead on this and does some pretty decent shredding, and is very melodic. Overall, this has everything you want in a rock song, delivered for you enjoyment. The video has a lot going on but very interesting, you have the band in black and white performing the track. You have actors in color, and various flowers. Somehow it all works together. Check it out below.

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