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Andrew Santagata Releases A New Single “Take Me Away” Featuring Spydah!

Andrew Santagata has released another single with Spydah. The duo seem to be partners in crime as of late. Santagata has informed that he will be releasing more stand alone singles and videos for the foreseeable future. At this time there won’t be any album to speak of. His latest song is Take Me Away. Of the last several releases of his this one is quickly becoming my favorite. His vocals on this one are different than the earlier ones. Much deeper and once again shows his range.

The song itself is heavier and pounding. The track as a whole is a grower, I have played it over and over. One of the highlights is the guitar solo. It’s done well and has a melodic shred to it. This one is headphone material. The video on the other hand is just as interesting as the song. It features live performances mixed with animation, very well done. Check it out below.

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