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Andrew Santagata Releases Legend Cover “Middle Of The Night”, Featuring Spydah!

Andrew Santagata has released a cover of the early 90’s glam band Legend. He has teamed up with Spydah once again for this one. Santagata has left SoulVane and is now perusing a solo career. Middle Of The Night is the latest single from him. Now the original is very glam in its sound as one would expect. I think it was also heavy on the bass and backing vocals.

Santagata completely flipped that and made the song his own and it leans more on the guitar than the bass. He also breaks up the song for a sweet change of pace. I would say the original is more commercial sounding versus this one version is much heavier and evil sounding. I have to say the way he sings this and uses the rhythm section he could make this a great crowd interaction song live. I have to say the drumming is outstanding on this one. Overall, a great sounding remake. The video shows both Santagata and Spyday playing the song as well as woman walking the streets. Check it out below.

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