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Andrew Santagata Teams Up With Spydah For Kim Carnes Classic “Bette Davis Eyes”!

  Andrew Santagata (Soulvane) has partnered with Spydah to release a stand alone single. They have chose to do Kim Carnes 1981 hit Bette Davis Eyes. Interesting choice it’s now what I would have expected from them. That aside they manage to rock it up and make it much heavier than the original. You couldn’t have picked a better voice for the Carnes classic than Santagata. I like that the duo ensure the heart of the song is there but added some elements to make it stand out. For example, the drums seem to have a lot more action in this version than its predecessor. In turn, making the song more of a rocker than a pop one. I give them kudos for puling this off the way that they did.

The video shows the both of them in a tv and singing and playing along as well as beautiful women, and at times playing the part of the lyrics (tease you, unease you). Interestingly enough the tv is in color but the footage is all in black and white. Overall a nice package song and video. Check it out below.

#AndrewSantagata #BetteDavisEyes #Spydah

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