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Ann Wilson Releases Moving New Single “Tender Heart”!

Ann Wilson (Heart) releases a new single Tender Heart. She hasn’t stated if it’s for a new solo record or not, but I think it will be eventually. You can get it on all the usual digital and streaming platforms. This is very seventies sounding, as someone pointed out it sounds very much like The Manhattan’s Kiss And Say Goodbye. They would be right. Once you hear that song you will hear it in this one, sadly. I advise you not too, at least not initially. Give this one a chance first.

Regardless of the similarities I just love Wilson’s voice. She never sings band to me. I truly love her voice. This is no exception. Outside of that there is nothing of interest int the music. The video is an animated one with lyrics and shows a couple performing a a ballet type of dance. I’m not a fan of the video. You can check it out below.

#AnnWilson #TenderHeart

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