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Anthony Gomes Releases New Single “Blues-A-Fied”!

Anthony Gomes will be releasing a new album on September 23rd titled “High Voltage Blues”. You can pre-order it here. The single is Blues-A-Fied. I think that is the perfect name for this track. It’s Blues electrified, without a doubt. You get some great kicks and solos. It has a catchy uptempo vibe to it. If you like the Blues, then you should be pleased with this. Gomes brings a lot of energy to this and rocks it up a bit. It is a nice combination. The video brings it all to life and you see that he is all over Memphis, TN, with Blues historic sites like STax Records and so on. Check it out below.

#AnthonyGomes #BluesAFied #HighVoltageBlues

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