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Anthrax Takes On A Kansas Classic! Listen To It Here!

I have to say that this was a surprise. Anthrax doing a Kansas cover, especially a classic like Carry On Wayward Son, is a challenge for any band. The vocal expectation and musicianship are of a high standard. That aside, I have to say the band delivered. I am very impressed with Joey Belladonna’s vocals. He really did an amazing job, considering this isn’t Anthrax’s style. The song is very close to the original, with the keyboards and all. They probably could have just used guitars instead of the keyboards, even though they didn’t, it still came out great. But the band did put their stamp on it, you can hear Jonathan Donais Anthrax sounding guitar in the solo. It does have a bit more edge. The cover is a bonus track from their recently released, “For All Kings 7 Inch Box Set”. Listen to it below and let me know if you were thrilled as much as I was. Remember we are talking about Anthrax, not some progressive metal act. Well done I must say.

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