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Appice Release A New Single That Honors Ronnie James Dio!

The Appice brothers, Carmine and Vinnie have released their first single for their new album “Sinister” out tomorrow, October 27th. The new song is dedicated to the late Ronnie James Dio who Vinnie has worked during Dio’s solo period. Carmine, on the other hand, is a legend in his own right, from his work with Vanilla Fudge and Cactus to King Cobra, Blue Murder and Rod Stewart, to name just a few. In any event, the brothers are working together for their debut album. They had done the live album “Drum Wars” where they had toured and played against each other. In this, they are the focus of their band, Appice. The group is rounded out by Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt/Quiet Riot) on vocals, David Henzerling (King Cobra) & Mick Sweda (Bullet Boys/King Cobra) on guitar, and Johnny Rod (King Cobra) on bass. Ironically, Carmine said there would be no King Cobra reunion this week. I wonder why? The song is called Monsters & Heroes. Interestingly enough Carmine, Shortino, and Henzerling wrote it (not Vinnie).

The video features guests Okai Sisters (Mayuko & Tsuzumi) & Carrot Top. The band is pretty good, Shortino holds his own and really stands out to me on the song, especially his homage to Dio. I wish I could tell you the drums were over the top and fantastic, but to me, they were just not what I expected, just standard fare. They do some tricks playing though, like throwing sticks to each other. Outside of that, the real highlight is Shortino’s vocals and performance. You can learn more about the band here. Check it out below.

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