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Archonaut, Third Knuckle, Big Wreck, The Darkness, FM & Black Mountain Shine!

This band is from Germany. They have a new album called Duchess, out now. I happen to have learned about them by chance, as they popped up in one of my searches. You can learn more about them here, and I don’t think you will be disappointed. I know I wasn’t:

Speaking of bands from Germany, another one called Majesty have released a new song called, Hawks Will Fly. It will be on their March 20th release, Generation Steel. You can watch it here:

A band out of East Bridgewater that I like, Third Knuckle, have a video out for their song Envy. You can check them out here and the video as well:

Big Wreck released a new live version of their song, I Digress, off of their current release, Ghosts. Check it out here:

Whitesnake are releasing a new album called The Purple Album. It comes out on May 19. If you are thinking this has anything to do with Deep Purple, you would be close. It’s Coverdale’s redo of tracks he recorded with them. This is also the first time we hear new guitarist Joel Hoekstra, as well. He has released a video for Stormbringer. You can check it out here:

FM will be releasing their new album Heroes & Villains on April 20. They have released a new song from it called Diggin’ Up The Dirt. I really like the new track, especially the guitar solo. Check it out here:

Peter Townsend of The Who will be launching a reissues campaign of all of his eleven solo efforts that will start later this year and go through 2016. No release date as of yet.

Apocalyptica debuted their new song, Cold Blood, from their new album, Shadowmaker, out on April 21st. Check it out here:

The Scorpions have released a new song called We Built This House off of their current album Return To Forever. Watch it here:

Black Mountain Shine, a band looking to challenge the throne of Southern Rock, have a new song out called Three Sheets To the Wind. Check it out here: If you like that one check out their Reverbnation page here and you will see what I mean:

Ace Frehley has added dates for April and May in the land down under. Get them here:

There are two new shows out, as I have mentioned them separately in the past. One is Rock Icons ( on VH1 Classic and the other is Rock Legends on AXS TV (  For the not-so-avid of the music and the artist/band, Rock Legends is for you. If you want a little more detail and maybe learn something you didn’t know, Rock Icons is what you want to watch. Both offer a good background, one is more general and the other speaks to the artist directly. Either way, you can check them both out on the links I provided. You can let me know your thoughts.

The Darkness also released a new video this week called Barbarian. The album, titled Last Of Our Kind, will be out June 1st. You can check out the new track here:

Whitechapel has released Let Me Burn. It’s from their current album, Our Endless War. You can check it out here:

Last week’s Rockucation question was: Who was born Jeffrey Phillip Wielandt? I was surprised no one got his one, this is none other than Zakk Wylde from Ozzy and Black Label Society fame.

Check out a band from Georgia called Poynte. They have a new song, What Will It Take. You can check that out and learn more about them here:

Ex-members of Megadeth who left to form their own band have announced the name and a teaser track. Those members, in case you have forgotten, are Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover. The band name is Act Of Defiance, the teaser song is Throwback, and you can check it out here: and you can follow them here:

Aerosmith is thinking of doing Toys In The Attic and Rocks back to back live, in order, as they appear on the record. They would also have guests and friends join them on the tour, like Slash. It sounds like if they do this, they will do smaller arenas or old play theaters.

In case you missed it, The Monsters Of Rock Cruise, sets sail in April 18-22. It looks to have a pretty good lineup, if I must say. You can still book a cabin. Get the details here:

The Scorpions added North American tour dates and has listed Queensryche as the opening act, for it. Check it out dates here:

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Stryper have been working on their new album, Fallen. Michael Sweet released a sample on his Facebook page. The Album is due out later this year. But you can locate the sample on his page here:

Krokus, you remember them, they had the hit single, Screamin’ In The Night. Yeah them, they announced a world tour and they are finally coming back to the States. Get dates here:

Faith No More released their new song, Super Hero, off their soon to be released album Sol Invictus, out on May 19. You can check it out here:

CrashDiet’s singer Simon Cruz, has left the band. That is all.

Nightwish have released their latest trailer about their soon to be released album, Endless Forms Most Beautiful. Watch it here:

For you blues fans, Walter Trout announced a world tour and you can get dates here:

Led Zeppelin have released a photo app, where you can place yourself on the cover of Physical Graffitti. Check it out here:

Sean McNabb, former bassist for Dokken and Great White, has released a new song called Fresh Air. You can check it out here:

Noel Gallagher of Oasis fame, has a new album out this week. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. Get details here: He is also going on tour and you can get dates here:

Like A Storm discussed their new album, Awaken The Fire, track by track. These are tracks 9-11, but when you go to the link, you can see the other trailers.  Go check them out here:

This week’s Rockucation question is: This guitarist played on Alice Cooper’s Billion Dollar Babies, Lou Reed’s Berlin, Aerosmith’s Get Your Wings, And Peter Gabriel’s solo debut Peter Gabriel, just to name a few. Who is he?

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