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Are Bands About The Music Or Building A Brand?

In the music industry, there is a debate about whether bands are about the music or about building a brand. More so now, with the uptick of streaming services and the lack of record sales for most artists. Some people believe that bands should focus solely on creating great music, while others believe that they need to do more to market themselves and build a following.

Music has always been a powerful tool to build a brand. The iconic bands KISS, Iron Maiden, Elvis and The Beatles are all examples of how music can be used to create a powerful brand that will stand the test of time.These bands and the like have demonstrated that developing an iconic brand is just as vital as producing great music, and so it is important for those looking to enter the music industry to have both a strong sound and brand identity.

The success of these bands is not just about the music they created but also about their ability to build and cultivate an image that resonates with fans. They have managed to capture the hearts and minds of their audiences through their unique sound, stage presence and overall brand identity. These bands have proven that building a strong brand is just as important as creating great music. In today's market many are creating products that at one time would have been found juvenile or selling out and now seem more of an expectation from the fans. From artist/band perspective they are looking for more ways to create revenue and stay relevant.

While I do think it's important to have some marketing and branding elements to a band's success, I strongly believe that at the end of the day, any successful band will be built on great music and content first, and branding second. It's important to remember that your art should be your primary focus as a musician and that your brand should be a reflection of that art. After all, a great brand can't exist without great music to back it up. As such, it is essential for any aspiring musician or band to focus on both aspects in order to truly succeed in the industry.

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