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Asleep in the Wake, The New Band That Features Paul Crosby, Releases “Like You”!

Asleep In The Wake is a new band formed by the former drummer of Saliva, Paul Crosby. The band formed in Houston, Texas. The band consists of Paul Crosby– drums, Hector Porras- bass (Saturate), Mike Mexas– guitar (Saturate), Matt Neice- vocals/guitar (Melovine). The group has most of their debut album recorded and expect a November release. You can follow and keep up with the band on their Facebook page here. Now that the introductions are out of the way, let’s focus on their new single Like You. The first thing is once you hear it you will want it on your playlist. It’s that good. Matt Neice’s vocals are superb and delivers the words with passion and believability. The hard driving music, led by Crosby, gets your attention and keeps it. It takes the Grunge sound but makes it better. Lyrically, I think the song has hit at the perfect time. Depending on your political view, it can speak for you, for example;

“If I ever Lose It I Won’t Step Aside I’ll Never Be Silent And Now I’ll Speak My Mind Like You”

I think that covers anyone’s take on the current on the political climate. The video shows war like images which makes this even a bigger protest type of message. Trust me on this, you will play this over and over again. Check out Like You below.

#AsleepInTheWake #LikeYou

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