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AT THE SUN Release “Only A Fool” Proving Rock Is Far From Dead!

AT THE SUN  has released a new single off their debut album “Leave Before The Light” out now. Their new song Only A Fool is a fresh sound and raw energy for a rock song. Nothing stale here. The riffs and the vocals capture right away and hold you there. I love the lyrics, but my favorite line is;

A devil with an angels aura

What a great line and visual packaged in one sentence. The imagery that lyric goes you is deep yet very cool. This song has everything you want in a rock track. You certainly won’t be disappointed listening to this one, in fact you will look for more by the band. Let me help you by giving you the link to their website here. The video shows the band performing this rocking single. You get to see their passion in action. Check it all out below.

#AtTheSun #LeaveBeforeTheLight #OnlyAFool

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