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Australian Rockers Eightball Junkies Release “Year Of The Dog”!

Eightball Junkies have released a new stand alone single titled “Year Of The Dog”. In case you never heard of these Australian rockers you can check them out on either their Bandcamp page here.or Facebook page here. I think once you check out this single I’m sure you are going to dive into their back catalog. This is one band you will want to follow. Year Of The Dog has the classic rock vibe but it has a modern day take on the sound. The opening riff pulls you in and just says pay attention to me. Then the rhythm section of Michael Padilla (Bass) and Rikki Varga (Drums) kicks in and maintain the drive that guitarist Dee Huske the opportunity to spotlight his talents and when you hear his solo you’ll know what I mean. I also enjoy his fills through the song which really makes this track stand out. I haven’t forgotten Will Vaughan’s vocals, his singing and style really gives it that raw straight ahead singing that’s not going to bore you with vocal gymnastics. Together the four of them make this a great rock track and they belong on your radar. I think this another band that proves rock isn’t dead and they have what it takes to stay around for awhile. The video is the band playing the song and I think it shows the type of energy and attitude they bring to the table. I think you’ll thank me for this one later. Check it out below.

#EightballJunkies #YearOfTheDog

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