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Autograph Releases “Meet Me Halfway”!

Autograph has released a new single off their current album “Get Off Your Ass”. The new song Meet Me Halfway grows on you. I liked it when I heard it and the more you play it the more realize it’s just great rock tune. Steve Lynch’s guitar playing is always melodic and fiery. The riff and the solo are damn good. But to e the out standing playing away goes to drummer Marc Weiland. His drumming really makes this song stand out. For some reason his playing on this track really stood out to me. From the up temp pace to the slow down break, he’s own this song. Overall a straight forward rocking tune. The video shows the band in various scenarios but all done in e still photos. Kind of a unique way to do a video. Check it out below.

#Autograph #GetOffYourAss #MeetMeHalfway

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