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Babylon Shakes Please New Single “Seven Sisters Seven Moons”!

Babylon Shakes has released a single Seven Sisters Seven Moons. No word if this is for a future album or not. The song opens with a nice bluesy riff and the drums kick in nicely. You quickly realize it’s a catchy tune. I like the chorus, more than anything I love Jeff Mortimer’s drumming. I think he’s the hero of the single.

Overall the track has a Black Crowes vibe to it. At one point there is a breakdown jam where you get to hear vocalist and guitarist Chris Clark play his solo. I really enjoyed the change of pace this brought to it. I truly like the way the whole song is packaged, sort of layered and the vibe that it gives you. Unfortunately there is no video just a stream f the track. Check it out below.

#BabylonShakes #SevenSistersSevenMoons

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