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Bad Marriage Debut Album Review!

Bad Marriage

              Track List                                                               Band Members 1- Diablo                                                                                                     Jon Paquin- Vocals 2- Old School Stereo                                                                                   Mike Fitz- Guitar 3- Ready Aim Fire                                                                                Ian Haggerty- Guitar 4- Gateway Drug                                                                            Michael Delaney- Drums 5- Electric Emerald Eyes                                                                  Todd Boisvert- Bass 6- Ms. Outrageous 7- Nay-Sayin’ Blues                                                                                   Produced By: 8- ‘Sorry’ Don’t Feed The Bulldog                                                         Mike Fitzmaurice 9- Long Way Down 10- Tail Chaser                                                                                             Album Art By: 11- Big Bad Wolf                                                                                         Dean Calusdian 12- Model Citizen  Band Website:

If you haven’t heard of or know of Bad Marriage, it truly has been your loss. This Boston, Mass based band will be known worldwide soon enough. This is why you have me to give you a chance to get in on the ground floor of a band that will be something to reckon with in the future. I have heard many times in talking with fans of bands that wish they could have seen the group when they were starting out or playing in clubs and how great that would be. Well, here is your chance. Check these guys out and follow them. You won’t be disappointed. Now let’s dig into the album.

The first thing you will notice the cool album cover or should I say artwork. It does concur up the perfect image for the band name, don’t you think so? Once you get passed that and flip over to the back you get a pretty cool looking photo of the band. Just by seeing that you know they are ready to rock.  Then you see titles of the songs on the album and you know you’re going to get something special.  The band kicks the record off with Diablo. This is a nice start to the album. Right off the top you know you have a band full of energy and attitude. If the drums and the riff’s don’t get you, then Jon Paquin’s vocals should. The way he sings in cadence with the drums and when he sings “I am the devil”, you believe him. Mike Fitz’s guitar work, fills and licks are something to listen for, not just in this song but throughout the record. Hw will be one to talk about for sure. I’m going to stop right here about this song, this is something you have to discover and appreciate it on your own.

Next up is Old School Stereo, a single the band released. This is one of my favorites as this is the first one I heard so it’s sentimental for me. This song is like comfort food for rock. It hits the spot and makes you feel good. It grows on you quickly and in no time you start singing the chorus. A single if there ever was one.

Ready Aim Fire pulls you in with the first chords played. Paquin gets your attention when he sings “Raise your fists into the sky and fly your colors high”. Soon you realize that this is your anthem. It screams your rock n roll belief. It has a take no prisoners attitude. Everything you need to express who you are and those who have the same love you do for it. This one is definitely playlist material and a live show must. This one hits its target.

Gateway Drug, Electric Emerald Eyes, and Ms Outrageous are next, I’ll let you check them out yourself. This takes me to Nay-Saying Blues. This is going to be a band classic. This has a nice rhythm and gets your head nodding to the chorus. There are some unique things in this song especially when Paquin sings over the drums right after the guitar solo. That right there defines it for me and how it goes into singing “Show me, show me”, it’s just magical to me. At this point in the record you’re thinking how good this album is and how much better could it get. Right? Well, you’re in for a surprise.

Let me introduce you too Sorry’ Don’t Feed The Bulldog. What a riff, what power chords, this is the real deal. Michael Delaney’s drums are outstanding on this, they really drive the song along with Todd Boisvert’s bass and Ian Haggerty’s backing guitar. They just don’t take the back seat they stand out. They are strong on this whole record but for some reason they really connected with me on this track. Paquin sings this one like no other on this album, I really liked his delivery here. This one is definitely a grower and I’m sure you will come back to over and over again.

Like I said earlier, I would like you to check out some of their songs on your own so up next is Long Way Down, Tail Chaser and Big Bad Wolf, all fine tunes, but need to leave you with some mystery on this review. This brings us to the album closer Model Citizen which is the album closer. It’s definitely an uptempo standard rocker that you can sink your teeth into. Fitz’s licks are a treat and like his placement. I think it makes the song along with Delaney’s drum fills make this song a real good track to end the album. This saddens me that it’s the end of a really great record. The good thing is you 12 songs instead of the standard 10. I guess I should count my rock n’ roll blessings. I am being honest when I tell you I play this album often and their songs are on my playlists. I feel strong about this album and this band. I’m glad I got to know them at this level and am looking forward to the long ride and journey they will take me and you on.

Songs to check out are Diablo, Old School Stereo, Ms. Outrageous, Nay-Saying Blues, ‘Sorry’ Don’t Feed The Bulldog, and Long Way Down. You can order the record here.

Check out the video for Old School Stereo below

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