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Bad Marriage Deliver Once Again With “Gateway Drug”!

Bad Marriage will be releasing their self titled debut album later this month. You can pre-order it here. The latest single from the record is Gateway Drug. This song is a rocker from start to finish. It pulls you in and doesn’t let go. The high energy edge the song provides defines what rock and roll is all about. The harmonies are killer as well. The band has said the song is about what got you into rock n’ roll, a show, a song, hence your gateway. The video is the band performing the track live. You can see right away that the band doesn’t man it in. They own that stage and the fans reciprocate that passion. It’s a great clip to see what they are like live. Boston has produced yet another great rock outfit ready to take on the world. Check out the single below.

#BadMarriage #GatewayDrug

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