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Bad Marriage Finally Puts Out A Video For “Old School Stereo”!

Bad Marriage has released many audio singles recently, but they finally went all out for Old School Stereo. The video is slightly different from the original release. In the first release, you hear one of the bandmates talking to frontman Jon Paquin. In this version, we have the walking on the street listening to Aerosmith. The job the band did with this video is just over the top. It really does a great job showing you what the band is all about, the look and the sound, their stage presence. Not sure what you could find that would leave you to be disappointed in this, it’s just that good. I’m looking forward to a new album. At this time, nothing has been said about the title or release date. But like me, you can follow the band at their site here. Without further ado, check it out below.

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