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Bad Marriage Release “Diablo” And It’s Amazingly Hot!

Bad Marriage has released their second single from their yet untitled debut album and at this time no release date. Diablo is a scorcher of track. Grabs you right away and keeps you entranced. Frontman Jon Paquin sings like a man possessed and really sells the song. The hard driving rhythm of Todd Boisvert (Bass), Michael Delaney (Drums) and Ian Haggerty (guitar), stand out and drive the song. Lead guitarist Mike Fitz guitar work and master riffs is what holds your attention. His guitar solos, yes that is solos, he does too are just eargasmic. The whole band deserves mention because they really out did themselves. Love what the band has done with this song. A thus sign of what is to come from they debut album. The video is the band performing, Paquin looks evil and the band is just delivering to you what you would get live. You even get some eye candy, nit bad for a rock song. I think the boys hit it out of the park on this one. Check it out below.

#BadMarriage #Diablo

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